A Wesleyan Holiness Conference for Women Clergy & Ministry Leaders

Our 2018 Conference in Croatia has ended.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this a wonderful Conference.

If you would like to help plan or to contribute to the next conference please email info@called-conference.com

Conference Programme

Download the full 23-page 2018 Conference Programme HERE! (PDF 906KB)

Materials from the 2018 Conference

Some materials and other resources from the 2018 Conference are available on the Resource Page


Called is an interdenominational gathering of women clergy and ministry leaders in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition who have been called to preach, teach, serve, lead and shape the body of Christ in various capacities in the Church and in the world God so loves.

Our hope is that this gathering will be a time where women who have received a call to vocational ministry can gather for encouragement and professional development.

Together we will learn, be inspired, network, develop our skills and gifts, and wrestle with issues affecting our world and ministry. Together we will grow in our understanding of how to offer renewal and hope to the world through the call we have received within the contexts we serve.


Sponsors & Partners of the Conference